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Corona virus
In the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, better collaboration is more important than ever.

At Andor, we’re providing powerful tools to help providers and other organizations deliver real-time information where and when it’s needed to protect frontline workers, improve outcomes, and safely bring employees back to work.

For Healthcare Organizations

ThinkAndor unlocks information from electronic medical records (EMRs) and pushes it to clinicians at the point of need, so they can make faster treatment decisions. Powered by artificial intelligence, video and voice technology, our mobile platform makes it easy to quickly initiate collaboration sessions with care team members and virtual screenings with patients.

Mitigate Exposure Risks
  • COVID-19 contactless triage at all entry points
  • Contactless visitor health screening questionnaires
  • Virtual patient screening through telehealth enablement
Inform and Educate Patients
  • Health & safety education
  • Time and location appointment changes
  • Visitor screening and tracking
  • Family and visitor updates
  • Operating hours
  • Visiting hours
  • Testing eligibility
Empower Staff Communication and Collaboration
  • Intelligent configuration and care team collaboration via secure messaging, voice and video sessions
  • Automated recommendations about notes and triggers that can be added to patient charts
  • Real-time virtual crisis communications to clinicians and other staff
  • Updated patient lists
  • Broadcast alerts and notifications to care teams about patients and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Occupational health protocols and safety communications
  • Video consults and care team collaboration sessions
  • Visitor screening and tracking
  • Operational protocol enforcement, such as test eligibility, testing options, treatment, quarantine, social distancing, and personal protective equipment use by staff, patients and visitors
  • COVID-19 lab results reporting and notifications to PCPs
  • Meaningful COVID-19 signals pushed in real time
  • Operating hours and location changes
  • Staff schedule changes
  • Staff quarantine and isolation updates
  • Automated COVID-19 reporting and documentation for state and federal regulations and reimbursements requirements
Back-to-Work Recovery & Ongoing Infection Control for Employers

The ThinkAndor Employer Toolkit provides a comprehensive virtual platform to help organizations implement ongoing infection control measures to reduce the risk of outbreaks in their workplaces – from pre-arrival screening through reporting and analytics.

Pre-arrival Screening and Education
  • Initial and ongoing remote safe-to-work questionnaires
  • Education on safe return-to-work protocols
  • Continuous identification, evaluation and monitoring of safe-to-return employees
On-site Daily Screening
  • Daily on-site questionnaires and symptom assessments
  • Integration with HR, time & attendance, and other workforce management systems

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Telehealth Enablement
  • Telehealth enablement for contactless triage, diagnosis, and treatment
  • ThinkAndor virtual assistant identifies keywords and other critical content in physicians’ communications and automatically recommends notes and triggers that can be added to patient charts
Contact Tracing
  • COVID-19 and antibody testing results data tracking and reporting
  • Monitoring of individuals exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • Automated contact tracing via text/SMS to track exposure and history to maximize productivity and reduce manual phone calls
  • Support and treatment options for workers who test positive for the COVID-19 virus
Reporting and Analytics
  • Daily and weekly reporting of employee contact tracing for HR tracking
  • Contact tracing and exposure reporting
  • State and federal regulatory reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Integration with HR and occupational health systems
Learn more about how ThinkAndor is helping organizations like NIH and Orlando Health improve communication and collaboration, while ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.

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