Powering care team collaboration across the continuum
ThinkAndor transforms the way care teams connect, collaborate and communicate. Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, ThinkAndor unlocks actionable intelligence from electronic medical record systems and delivers it to clinicians when and where they need it to make faster treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.
The Power of ThinkAndor and Microsoft Teams Integration

By combining ThinkAndor with collaboration suites like Microsoft Teams, healthcare organizations have the comprehensive care team collaboration tools they need to meet the rapidly changing demands of clinicians and patient populations. ThinkAndor platform enables care team members to quickly configure collaboration video sessions on Microsoft Teams with patients and care team members.

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Delivers prioritized daily patient lists and schedule change notifications to clinicians

Sends remote triage questionnaires to patients and staff for screening prior to entry to acute, ambulatory and post-acute care facilities

Deliver mobile questionnaire results for clinician review and follow-up actions

Enables digital consults via chat, conference call and video

Sends emergency notifications to patients and staff

Automatically pushes critical notifications, such as diagnostic lab results, to care teams in real time for virtual collaboration and faster treatment decisions

Operationalizes treatment and quarantine protocols with seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms

Automatically command AndorBot to display a patient’s data on demand during collaboration sessions

Enables you to send automated updates to a patient’s electronic medical record or initiate a follow-up action using AndorBot

ThinkAndor™ Employer Toolkit for Safe Back-to-Work Recovery & Ongoing Infection Control

Employers have begun planning and preparing for a new normal in their workplaces. As organizations transition from crisis management to crisis recovery, they need tools to help minimize the risk of potential outbreaks.

Andor can help. Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, the ThinkAndor™ Employer Toolkit provides a comprehensive, virtual platform to help healthcare and other organizations reopen operations and implement safe-to-return work measures.

ThinkAndor™ Employer Toolkit Features
Pre-arrival Screening and Education
  • Initial and ongoing remote safe-to-work questionnaires
  • Education on safe return-to-work protocols
  • Continuous identification, evaluation and monitoring of safe-to-return employees
On-site Daily Screening
  • Daily on-site questionnaires and symptom assessments such as temperature checks
  • Integrated with HR, time & attendance, and other workforce management systems
Telehealth Enablement
  • Integrated telehealth for contactless triage, diagnosis, and treatment
Contact Tracing
  • COVID-19 and antibody testing results data tracking and reporting
  • Monitoring of individuals exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • Automated contact tracing via text/SMS to track exposure and history to maximize productivity and reduce manual phone calls
  • Support and treatment options for workers who test positive for the COVID-19 virus
Reporting and Analytics
  • Daily and weekly reporting of employee contact tracing for HR tracking
  • Contact tracing and exposure reporting
  • State and federal regulatory reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Integrated with HR and occupational health systems
Why Andor?

Why shouldn’t doctors be able to connect in real time with other doctors inside or outside the network? Why shouldn’t health systems be able to adjust easily to new regulatory requirements? At Andor Health, we’re constantly asking questions like these and developing innovative solutions to address the pressing healthcare communication and collaboration challenges. Our mobile platform cuts down on information overload and burnout, so clinicians can focus on what matters most: providing quality care for patients.

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