Powering care team collaboration across the continuum
ThinkAndor® brings clinical orchestration and coordination across five key pillars of virtual health – Virtual Visit, Virtual Hospital, Virtual Patient Monitoring, Virtual Team Collaboration, and Virtual Community Collaboration – to deliver value-driven virtual health.
Achieve More with AI-Powered Virtual Care Experiences®
ThinkAndor® is a configurable virtual health platform that transforms the way care teams communicate and deliver care.

Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, ThinkAndor® unlocks actionable intelligence from electronic medical record systems and delivers it to clinicians when and where it is needed. This enables care teams to expedite treatment and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. ThinkAndor® can be leveraged by all participants via a secure, HIPAA-compliant, telehealth framework that streamlines workflow and enables real-time care collaboration.

The Power of ThinkAndor®

By combining ThinkAndor® with collaboration suites like Microsoft Teams, healthcare organizations have comprehensive care team collaboration tools needed to meet the rapidly changing needs of providers, care teams, and patient populations. ThinkAndor® enables care team members to quickly configure collaboration video sessions on Microsoft Teams with patients and care team members.

Increase access to care
Maximize resources for scale
Optimize patient volume & capacity
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