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Virtual Health
Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, ThinkAndor® brings clinical relevance to collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. ThinkAndor® pushes real-time clinical information to care teams and staff right to their call.
Virtual Health
Virtual Health
With a few simple voice or text commands, ThinkAndor® can be directed to bring a patient’s information directly into the collaboration channel. This prevents the need for clinicians to pull information from multiple source systems, like the EHR.

ThinkAndor® can be leveraged as a configuration system by our clients—configuring virtual visits and telehealth solutions to streamline workflows and enable real-time care collaboration.

Pre Care

While a patient waits for their virtual health appointment to begin, ThinkAndor’s virtual waiting room configuration system helps orchestrate efficient workflows.

Our ThinkAndor concierge bot can be leveraged to configure the virtual waiting room/check-in experience(s) for intake, triage, education, e-consent, and payments within Microsoft Teams and other telehealth/virtual health platforms.

Patient and provider initiated scheduling configuration by the ThinkAndor concierge bot supports on-demand and scheduled appointments. The bot can configure various scheduling platforms, including Microsoft bookings.

The ThinkAndor concierge bot can also be leveraged to configure various patient reminder systems for omni-channel (SMS, phone, email) patient notifications, including reminders and automated call-backs to reduce abandonment.

In Service

Virtual visits & care collaboration are empowered when clinical context is pulled into every interaction with our virtual clinical assistant— the ThinkAndor Bot.

  • Auto queuing of patient lists for provider upon patient check-in/triage
  • Bot Assistant initiates session with virtual MA to bring patient/clinical context from the EMR in session
  • NLP and AI based commands for task management
  • Multi participant room share for collaboration between clinicians, patients, and care team members

Onboarding and Configuration

ThinkAndor® can be configured by each care team member to notify them of the signals that they find most important to delivering care.

  • Automated post care clinical summary delivery to patients
  • Automated patient satisfaction surveys and post care follow up notifications to patients
  • Post call clinical alerts/notifications to clinicians and care team members
  • Data sharing of clinical summaries for downstream clinicians

Post Care

After visit concludes care collaboration doesn’t need to stop. ThinkAndor helps providers continue the collaboration and conversation with patients and downstream clinicians.

  • Dynamic care team creation for clinical/admin staff for shared room experiences
  • Wizard based enrollment and onboarding experience
  • Self-configurable notifications and workflows
  • Full white label and branding for providers and clinics
  • Triggers can be set to automatically notify the care team regarding updates to a patient chart. Simply say, “Andor, send me the patients lab result when its ready”.
  • Care teams can continue their work and ThinkAndor® will push these signals to care team members at the appropriate time.

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