Virtual Rounding
Only 5% of healthcare CIOs believe their provider organizations are very prepared to comply with the new rules, according to a recent study.
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Rounding Room

We understand that successfully and safely monitoring patients during a hospital stay or from home during the ‘new normal’ is challenging.

With ThinkAndor® Virtual Rounding, we can configure inpatient rounding and remote patient monitoring workflows so ThinkAndor® Virtual Assistant can help nurses, care team members and care managers to manage patient populations at bedside or at home:

ThinkAndor® AI Platform for Care Teams:
ThinkAndor® can help providers:
  • Easily activate, provision and monitor in-room and remote devices for patients
  • Surface critical alerts and signals, allowing for quickly virtual consultations on-demand
  • Easily review and interact with ThinkAndor® Virtual Assistant to retrieve clinical and patient intelligence direct from the patient and EMR, right within Microsoft Teams environment
  • Add care team members inside and outside organization (IE: Non-network consultants, adjuncts, researchers, etc.) to enable virtual consultation
  • Enable effective communication and customize communication channels to ensure an immediate and automatic connection to the correct care team, including initiating provider to provider consultation and multi-disciplinary calls
  • Drive enhanced care coordination, care team efficiency and better decision-making to improve overall patient outcomes
ThinkAndor® AI Platform for Patients:
ThinkAndor® Virtual Assistant to configure:
  • Daily and routine check-ins with patients to monitor clinical progress and patient satisfaction
  • Allow patients to automatically connect with family members and invite them into virtual collaborations
  • Allow patients to self-report important clinical metrics, or enable Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices to automatically capture vital intelligence
  • Automate meeting initiation for both patient and provider to ensure highly successful connection and reduce abandonment rates

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